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My USP Is A Perfect Storm of Ideal Coach Characteristics - Blog Challenge Day 12

by Debi Auger

Day 12 Challenge"What is your USP Unique Special Proposition that sets you apart from the crowd?"

Well, without a doubt, I'm the best me there is ;-) And there's a whole lot to that, but what is it exactly about me that I feel benefits YOU the most?

     1. I've been teaching, coaching and mentoring in one form or another for almost 30 years... from teaching CCD to gradeschool kids... to coaching Special Olympians with intellectual and developmental disabilities... to teaching Intraoperative Interventional Radiology to technologists and other medical staff... and now, getting artisans and creatives comfortable with the business part of business.

     2. INFJ is my Myers-Briggs Personality Type. Huh? What does that have to do with anything? (Don't worry... that's what my first thought was, too!) You can read more about this on my About page, but here are a few traits of INFJ's that might make you more curious. Let me preface this list by saying that INFJ's are the rarest of all personality types, making up only 1% of the population; most people can go a lifetime without ever meeting one. Ok, that puts the following statements in perspective. INFJ personalities:

  • focus on the needs of other people to support them in realizing their potential
  • excel at recognizing the possibilities for personal development in others, and often have a plan for how others can achieve their goals
  • creative and dedicated; with a talent for helping others with a original solutions to their personal challenges
  • gain the most satisfaction from their work when they can turn their ideas into reality, creating constructive change for other people
  • have a unique ability to understand the emotions of those around them and enjoy using this emotional sensitivity to create warm and supportive environments for growth
  • are creative problem-solvers who actually enjoy problem solving
  • are excited about the future and possibilities and enjoy using their organizational skills and imagination to create plans to achieve grand visions
  • see About page for more...

     3. Oddly, for an extremely intuitive, creative person, I'm actually left-brain dominant. 

Creatives are considered "right-brain thinkers" and tend to hate technical, detailed, numbers, research kind of work. Which actually explains why most creatives hate the business part of running a creative business... and maybe you're one of them. 

I'm almost equally left- and right-brained, but there is a bit of a bent toward the left-brained side. So I actually love the business stuff. 

That's probably why I did so much research and analysis before starting my business... and still do! And it's all that research, learning and applying that helps me shorten the learning curve for you.    

     4. I'm a very creative problem solver.

     5. I excel at big-picture thinking, creative brainstorming and strategic planning. 

     6. I have a real knack for seeing opportunities for multiple income streams in other people's businesses (and I believe they're a necessity for online success), which is why my Multi-Faceted Monetization Model™ (mentioned in yesterday's post) is such an important part of my coaching.

     7. I'm multi-passionate and I think that a lot of creative people are also, so I totally "get" you. I know what it's like to be relentlessly curious; to want to do/try so many things; and to have so many interests and not know which to choose... and really not want to choose between them. (And I'm not going to suggest that you "choose one" if that makes you feel any better.)

     8. I'm building a lifestyle business and I want to help you do the same. 

I'm building a lifestyle business around my biggest interests that is the poster child for a multi-passionate entrepreneur business... with strong philanthropic components and my own charitable foundation, too.

To me a "Lifestyle Business" means having a business doing what you love that gives you the lifestyle you want. That's my definition of "successful" too. 

Success, and therefore lifestyle businesses, look different to each person. Part of what I do is help you determine what it looks like to YOU and put a plan in place so you can achieve it. As we discussed on Day 4, you can't get where you're going if you don't know where that is. 

I want you to create a lifestyle business that celebrates your talents, values and priorities and is the very essence of what success means to you. 

And You?

What's your USP? Tell me in the comments below...

Much Success,


30 day challengeI'm writing this post as part of Natalie Sisson's 30 Day Blog Challenge during which I'll follow the path she's laying with inspiration and challenges for daily blog posts. I hope you'll enjoy coming along on this journey and share your own in the comments every day. If you'd like to participate in the challenge on your own blog, just click one of the links here and you'll be taken to the page with all the details. Cheers!

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