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Show Me Your Calendar and Your Checkbook

by Debi Auger

I'm curious... What obstacle do you most need to overcome? What are you focused on? What keeps you up at night? If you're like most of my clients, you're obsessed about getting
More traffic. More sales. More income.

Times are tough and sales have been slow. You're looking for ways to get more people seeing your amazing work so you can make more sales. I understand. No matter how many sales we make we always want more, don't we? It's ok. Sharing your gifts with the world is a wonderful thing! And I want to help you do that so even MORE people can experience your gifts. But first I'd like you to share something with me.

Show Me Your Calendar and Your Checkbook

"Show me your calendar and your checkbook." Bill Baren did this in an amazing presentation I was lucky enough to see and it really drilled home a point. So you can thank him for me doing the same to you ;-)

Ok, tell you what... you don't need to show them to me. A self-evaluation will do just fine. After all, the only one you really need to be accountable to is you. Just to be sure we cover all the bases though, grab your personal and business checkbooks and calendars... all of 'em... your Google calendar, the planner on your desk, even the one you carry in your handbag. We're looking at everything. But what are we looking for you ask? Proof.

We've determined that you want more traffic, more sales and more income. Those are your priorities. Right? Well, if that's the case, there will be proof.

Let's start with your calendar. What's on it? What good stuff do you have coming up? Are there any educational opportunities scheduled?  A webinar about SEO? Maybe a marketing class? Business course? No? Hmmmm.

Ok let's look at your checkbook registers. Look back over the last few months or so. Have you bought any books or self-study workbooks about online business or marketing?

Don't see anything? Don't remember? Let's flip through your Kindle just to be sure. Anything business-related? Anything at all to help with your business? No? Uh oh.

What does that tell you? 

It tells me that, in reality, you haven't made traffic, sales and income a priority.

What have you spent money on?

You just took a scan through your checkbook so let me ask you... what have you spent money on? Starbucks? Dinner out? Movies? Get your nails done? Some new shoes?

Retail therapy. I get it. I really do; I've done lots of it. And it works... for a little while at least. But as nice as those things may be, they aren't going to do a damn thing to help you improve your business results.

Situation Evaluation

Let's look at what's going on. It's hard. I know. But let's be honest. This is having a profound effect on you, isn't it? You're frustrated at how hard or confusing this business stuff is. Your husband kinda resents that expensive hobby of yours (because he doesn't even consider it a business). Family and friends wonder why you don't just go get a "real job."

And you feel like crap.

You have this sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and a whole lot of anxiety mixed in when you open your email each morning hoping for orders. You feel defeated. And the tension just magnifies all those feelings. 

Well, get up, dust yourself off, put your big girl panties on and get ready because you're gonna prove them all wrong! Ready? 

Much More Effective Retail Therapy

Tell me anything you want to do and I'll bet I can show you a plethora of resources to show you exactly how to make it happen. There are amazing opportunities out there. 

But before you can take advantage of any them and actually turn your business around, you need to learn to invest in yourself and in your business. And when you see that opportunity that you know is the right one, DO IT! Because it really is an investment in your future.

As a matter of fact, if you are looking for ways to improve your artisan business, learn how to get more traffic and sales, and design a success plan, you'll have your first opportunity to make that investment in your future very soon. 

You're going to be tested; challenged to look at how much you value your business and YOURSELF.

Invest In Yourself

The bottom line... if you ever want to have it, you have to invest in it. No matter what it is... a car, a house, a new outfit or an education. Opportunities will come up and instead of saying "I can't afford that," start thinking "How CAN I afford that?" Do what's necessary. You're worth it!

I speak from experience. I was in that "I can't afford it" place a few years ago. Then I had the opportunity to sign up for a program run by 2 coaches I really wanted to work with. It was a considerable investment and I didn’t have the money, but I just KNEW I had to do that coaching program. So I did some "creative financing" as I like to call it, figured out a way and signed up. And you know what? It's the single BEST investment I’ve made in my business! 

It's still benefiting me today. Also, when I started approaching things from that place of abundance and saying "Yes" and investing in myself and my business, my business really started to grow. 

And each time I go to the next level, my business does also. And so do I. And so does my family. 

Your business affects you, your family and your whole life, too. So let me ask you... what level do you want to be at? Leave a comment below and tell me what your goal is for your business.

Much Success,

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  1. Love this, Debi. It's right on -- put your money and your time where your mouth is! ;) ^j

  2. Thanks Jules! Agreed... it's the only way ;)

  3. Hallelujah lady. This made me even prioritise where I'm spending my time, as much as my money right now.

  4. Wow! Thank you Natalie. That means a lot coming from one of the aforementioned coaches I just HAD to work with ;) How is your book coming along? Congrats on a fully funded campaign. I can't wait to read it!

  5. Dear Debi,
    Another great one from you again! You are definitely filled with too many great advise.
    After reading your blog, I can't help but comment on my goal for my business and get ready, I might bore you!
    I am a civil engineer with some 18yrs experience, I decided to set up my own construction company and register this. It's been 4 yrs now and no project so I went back to being an employee because I wasn't happy not getting the jobs but this is not what is want. My hobby tells me I am not serious and does not believe I know what I want and sometimes this just deflates me.
    I am good in what I do and thinking of taking up more professional training but how does this help me get a project.
    You are my trainer now so what do you advise?

  6. Hi Lola! Thank you so much. It's awesome to hear from you again. And don't worry, you won't bore me. Helping people create lifestyle businesses so they can find their success and be happy is what I LIVE for! I'm sorry you're feeling deflated. Not being serious and not being sure what to do to succeed are two different things. Obviously you need to be serious about it and it will be hard work, but you know that. Either way, it all starts with getting very clear about exactly what it is you want. You can't get where you want to go if you're not sure where that is.I launched a Success Challenge in January and I've decided to keep it available all the time. I'll be making some adjustments to the content because the participants felt that, although awesome, there was A LOT of material. However, I think this free challenge might be the perfect place for you to start. You can check it out and sign up here: http://www.awaken-dreams.com/success-challenge. Let's get you on your way!


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