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Recommendations for You

There are times that products come along that I feel could help you in some way, whether big or small, to achieve your dreams. Usually I blog about them, but I also think they deserve their own page so you can find them easier. Some are free and some are not, but ALL of them come with my recommendation. Some of them are business-related and some not, but our purpose here is to create your ideal lifestyle... and that involves MUCH more than business ;-)

FREE Products and Services

Easy and free way to start a blog.

Organize Everything / Remember Everything
I use this for EVERYthing.

Pocket gives you the ability to consume content on your terms, on your schedule.

PAID Products and Services

Disclosure: * = Affiliate Link for which compensation is received if a purchase is made.

Evernote Essentials *

This is a fantastic eBook to help you become an Evernote Ninja! Whether you're just starting out or you've been using Evernote for years, this book will definitely be an invaluable resource for you. Bought it, read it, loved it, use it :) 

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In the Interest of Full Disclosure:
If you buy products through the links on this site, it's quite possible that I will make a commission on the sale. These products are marked above with an *. I want to be open about this because I value honesty and your trust is important to me... without it I have no business. I encourage you to use these links to get more information about or when purchasing these products and/or programs.

My number one priority at aWAEHQn dreams is to help as many people as I possibly can make their dream lifestyle a reality. Quite honestly, the more money I make from these sources, the more information I can provide here for free. So, if you're considering any of these products, I would greatly appreciate it if you would access them through the links here.

It's also important to me that you understand some things about these links:
1. The affiliate relationships I enter into are very carefully chosen by me.
2. There will NEVER be an affiliate link placed on any of my websites for the sole purpose of making money.
3. The affiliate links I post are usually products that I have tried, tested and actually used or still use myself.
4. Occasionally I may recommend things to you (that I haven't actually used) based solely on suggestions from well-respected and trusted colleagues, but I will tell you that. And, I will have at the very least researched and evaluated the product to some extent. I cannot possibly test and use every single product out there and, just because something isn't useful to me, doesn't mean it's bad and it doesn't mean it isn't something that could be helpful to you and the objective here is finding things that work for you.

*Note: Google Ads are entirely different. I have no control over ad placement and no endorsement is implied.

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