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Inspiration From Around the World - Blog Challenge Days 8 and 9

by Debi Auger

Day 8 Challenge: A Day of Rest! (and, yes, for me this is a challenge)
Day 9 Challenge"Whose online business do you admire most and why?"

Day 8

Today was a day of rest. Thought I'd better acknowledge that so you don't go crazy looking for Day 8 ;-) Whew! A much needed bonus for me. I'm not used to blogging daily... hence why I am not keeping up here (so this was really just one less day to catch up on... ssssh!). But considering the fact that I don't usually do anywhere near this many blog posts, I'd say I'm doing pretty damn well and I'm proud of that.

Day 9

Whose online business do I admire most? Wow. There are so many people that I could mention here and no possible way I can choose just one. 

Natalie Sisson 

Yup, Natalie herself is right at the top of my list for sure. And no, I'm not kissing ass. I seriously don't think anyone else ever could get me to blog every single day. See, that's the inspirational effect she has on her audience. It's awesome to see. She delivers top notch information and coaching, of course. But the way she engages and inspires her tribe is truly something to strive for. And the avid support and response she gets in return is fantastic. I hope to have that kind of relationship with my Awaken Dreams community someday!

Sir Richard Branson

I also greatly admire Sir Richard Branson. I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I see him as the ultimate multi-passionate entrepreneur so I find him incredibly inspiring. I love his philosophy of business as a force for good; that the purpose of business is to make people's lives better.

There are 3 other people that I absolutely adore. I've been blessed to work with them, love to follow them, devour their stuff and have learned an enormous amount from them.

Natalie MacNeil

Natalie is the Founder of She Takes on the World. She is the Mindset Queen and, along with Natalie Sisson in WE Mastermind, helped me get my mindset on track for greatness. I love her go get 'em style and I'm deeply inspired by her work. I enjoy watching her She Takes on the World TV shows.

Bernadette Doyle

Bernadette is the Founder of Client Magnets. She's someone who has, in many ways, done what I'm trying to do, both personally and professionally. She's genuine and down-to-earth, while at the same time not afraid to give you the tough love and tell you to put your big girl panties on because she truly cares about your success.

Matthew Kimberley

Matthew is the Head of the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training and Author of How To Get a Grip (great book!). I love the combination of laughing and learning and have not seen anyone more the master of having you laughing your ass off while learning critical sales and marketing information than Matthew. He's also a productivity ninja (and we've already discussed here what a productivity nut I am) so, of course, I thoroughly enjoyed his ebook How To Be Really F**king Productive, too. 

So Many Awesome Entrepreneurs

I've been blessed to meet, work with and mastermind with so many wonderful people along my journey in business online. I've engaged with people around the globe, expanded my horizons worlds beyond what they were before and I think that is my favorite part of this.

And You?

Who do you most admire and why? Tell us in the comments below.

Much Success,


30 day challengeI'm writing this post as part of Natalie Sisson's 30 Day Blog Challenge during which I'll follow the path she's laying with inspiration and challenges for daily blog posts. I hope you'll enjoy coming along on this journey and share your own in the comments every day. If you'd like to participate in the challenge on your own blog, just click one of the links here and you'll be taken to the page with all the details. Cheers!

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