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Entrepreneurship Is Perfect for Needed-At-Home Caregivers

by Debi Auger

Welcome to Part 3 of my "Entrepreneurship is Perfect for..." Series

I wrote yesterday about the reasons entrepreneurship is perfect for stay-at-home Moms. I believe a great deal of the points I made are also true for Needed-At-Home Caregivers. Unfortunately, this is usually an unforeseen...and therefore unplanned for...circumstance. Many caregivers are not fully prepared for their new role. That makes it even harder to deal with.

Even when it's a labor of love, family caregiving takes an emotional, physical and financial toll on a caregiver. And these things can happen in so many ways. They have this increased financial responsibility, but the situation itself makes it difficult to take on more work hours outside the home because the whole point is that their family member needs to be cared for. Some family caregivers even lose or have to leave their jobs.

Have you found yourself in this situation? If you're struggling with these things, it might be worth your while to consider the benefits of entrepreneurship. You could work from home. This would benefit you in 2 ways: You would be able to be there for your loved one and not have to pay for in-home care as many hours per week. It would eliminate time-consuming parts of your routine, your commute for instance, which would allow you to get more rest...something most family caregivers, especially ones working outside the home, say they don't get nearly enough of.

There are options in entrepreneurship that could make your situation easier, especially when you take a passive income approach. Being a Passionpreneur (taking something you're passionate about and making a living from it) would be enjoyable for you and give you a mental escape from the situation, which can often be helpful even if it's only for a little while.

You could also choose to be a Supportpreneur and set up a business around helping those in similar situations as yourself, either from an informational standpoint or emotional support or even a combination of the two.

If this idea interests you and it's an option you'd like to explore further, you might want to consider my Program that's starting Tuesday:

You don't need to be an artisan to take this course. It's a lifestyle business planning course in which I'll be doing Niche Selection Workshops for those who aren't sure exactly what they want to do/offer. So, if you think it's something that might interest you, stop over and learn more about the Program. But don't wait... registration closes at 12am on Thursday morning. I hope to see you there :)

And if you have any friends or colleagues you think might be interested in the Program, please share with them as well. I'd appreciate any help spreading the word :)

Much Success,

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