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eBook Winner, Survey Results, New Program and Another Giveaway!

by Debi Auger

Oh my goodness... jam packed day for you today and LOTS of exciting things to tell you about!

Ok so I explained the other day how aWAEHQn dreams started and got to where I am now. I also talked about how A LOT of you need help with the same things and need it FAST. Well, there's also only ONE of me! Thank God right? So I needed a way to help more of you at the same time. You're all essentially struggling with the same things, so I figured the best way to do that was to offer Programs. Twenty-five years of teaching, mentoring and coaching experience made that an easy decision.

You may have noticed I've been MIA quite a lot the last couple months. Comfortable as I am with the decision, there are a lot of moving parts and work that has to go into it if you're going to do it right. Lucky for you I've never been a "do it half-assed" kinda girl... nope, not me... perfection is the name of the game. I've gotta tell ya, as I sit here at 3am, A LOT of sleepless nights go into perfection!! But, if I was going to do this for you, I was going to do it right. I looked at your survey responses to see exactly what you want to know. I checked out all kinds of things online. I wanted to actually set up a system and productive and supportive environment and community for you to increase the likelihood of your success. I think you're going to love it! And very soon, you'll be able to let me know :)

First things first... I owe someone a free eBook! Thank you all VERY much for filling out my surveys and polls. It's the best way for me to know what you need. As promised, someone gets a copy of my eBook "Creating Your Brand ~ Packaging Your Gift to the World."
The winner is Debra Schwartz! Congratualtions! I'll get that to you via email later today.

So what did you lovely peeps have to say? Let's see.....

Survey and Twtpoll Results
Survey Part 1 
Q1: What's your biggest frustration with
        your business right now? the problem
       that keeps you up at night?
Q2: If you could wave a magic wand to
       solve any business problem, what
       would it be?
Q3: What impact is this problem having on
        you and your life? How does dealing with
        this problem make you feel?
lack of interest - 8%nice online selling system (package) - 8%feel like a failure - 8%
lack of sales - 36%loyal following of customers - 8%depressed - 12%
not having a mentor - 4%more sales -24%seeing dreams vaporizing - 4%
lack of tech skills to bring vision to life - 4%reach more people - 8%frustrated - 32%
how to create an income stream - 4%website - 4%causes lack of creativity - 8%
not knowing how to get my product out there - 8%being a one-man-band - 4%overwhelmed - 12%
getting noticed among thousands of others - 8%someone to help with marketing - 4%become stagnant (dreaming instead of doing) - 4%
finding an audience - 4%learn how to market (step-by-step) - 8%confused - 4%
pricing my designs / inventory - 12%learn the business stuff - 4%ready to throw in the towel and walk away - 12%
focus on one technique or offer variety - 4%learn pricing - 4%lousy - 4%
time management - 12%better photography - 8%
social media - 4%

lack of time - 16%

marketing - 12%

how to have a website - 4%

being copied - 4%

lack of online skills - 4%

struggling to develop big picture goal - 4%

lack of practical business plan - 4%

Survey Part 2 
Q4: What strategies have you tried
        to improve your business?
Q5: If you were to hire someone to help you solve
       this problem, what are 2 tangible results
       you'd like to experience as a result of working
       with them?
Q6: What are you trying to accomplish in your
        business this year and in 2013?
% off sales - 11%grow my customer base and loyalty - 22%set up my business offerings - 11%
destash - 11%complete brand and selling platform - 22%get more exposure - 33%
discount cards with orders - 11%learn to reach customers - 22%get more sales - 67%
gift with purchase - 11%contact process to respond to clients - 11%increase in interested customers - 11%
participated in shop strolls - 11%effective FB business page - 11%market to boutiques - 11%
posting work on FB - 33%more exposure - 22%quit my day job and do this full-time - 11%
posting work on Pinterest - 11%more sales - 33%more traffic - 11%
Etsy - 33%learn pricing - 22%branding my business - 11%
ads on Etsy - 22%website and eval - 11%
website of my own - 22%learn how to do wholesale and consignment - 11%
social media - 22%help with sales and marketing - 11%
not sure what to do - 11%increase in traffic - 11%
word of mouth - 11%

Twitter - 11%

blog - 11%

in-home craft show - 11%

Q7: What do you think you need to do to
       increase, even double or triple your
Q8: How do you monetize your
Q9: What's you ultimate vision or goal
        for your business?
promote more - 33%advertising - 11%central hub online for my business - 22%
gain confidence - 22%FB - 11%successful -11%
push myself to be social -11%word of mouth / referrals - 11%to have an assistant for non-creative stuff - 11%
get over fear of rejection -11% business cards - 11%to increase income - 11%
hire assistants - 11%online selling - 22%to sell at events around the country - 11%
be patient - 11%gallery sales - 11%to teach classes - 11%
set up a good online presence - 11%selling products - 44%for it to provide supplemental income - 11%
get more exposure to the right audience - 44%craft fairs/trunk shows - 11%to have a community - 11%
capture the attention of buyers - 11%home parties - 22%to have passive income - 11%
create more products - 11%
to be selling on a regular basis - 11%
learn how to market - 22%
to be a service provider instead of a product provider -11%
learn to run a business - 11%
lots of traffic - 11%

strong customer base - 11%

steady flow of custom orders - 11%

profitable in 3 years - 11%

Q10: Other comments and Helpful Information Shared
love the creative part but hate the business part

Results of Twtpoll: 
What would you most like to see here (at aWAEHQn dreams Success Coaching?)
Answers Respondents Had to Choose FromNumber 
1. Business 101 type Info50%
2. Sales and Marketing33%
3. Social Media33%
4. Income Generation Methods83%
5. Time Management33%
6. Website Information33%
7. Other33%

As you can tell, there weren't an enormous variety of answers. Many of you are dealing with the same types of struggles and feeling the same way about them. I appreciate all of your help. You were very thorough and it was obvious you put quite a bit of thought and time into giving them. 

So I put a lot of time and thought into this and you're seeing it here FIRST! The sales page hasn't even gone live yet, but here's a sneak peek for you...

You know how I feel about business plans. Well, I also think entrepreneurship is WAY different than the college route. I graduated from college and worked in the medical field for 20 years. When you go to college, it's for a particular thing and, to a great degree, once you graduate you're following a road or road map. Entrepreneurship is much more abstract and flexible and can be ever-changing. I think entrepreneurs follow a path... and it's a path of our own making, a journey of our own creation and one that will quite likely take many twists and turns; not follow a paved, rigid road. This Program is about that path... choosing and designing YOUR unique path; the one that makes YOU happy.

Barring any unforeseen issues (of which there have been quite a few recently.... anybody know if Mercury is retrograde??), the sales page will go up today at 3pm eastern time (to give my west coast peeps a fair shot!). Why? Because there is a very special opportunity that you may want to jump on:

I want to be sure that every program I do is as good as it can possibly be, so every time I launch a program for the first time there will be at least 10 spots that will be a "Focus Group." Those 10 people are going to put in a bit more work because what I want from them is detailed feedback to help me make the program better. And a testimonial and recommendation IF they feel the program and I deserve it. So how is this a deal? Well, I truly respect and appreciate that your time is very valuable. In consideration of that, the focus group participants will get 40% off the cost of the program! Does that sound fair? sound like something you'd be interested in? Then keep an eye on the aWAEHQn dreams Facebook page today. I'll be posting the link there as soon as the sales page goes live.

And another exciting goodie for you...... I'm GIVING AWAY A SPOT in the program!! You can win that right here. Go to the *Enter Giveaway* page here. I'm running the giveaway through the Punchtab App. The drawing will be at the end of the sign-up period on Tuesday morning at midnight eastern time. If  you win and you have already signed up and paid, you'll be refunded via PayPal. Good luck!

One last tidbit (told you I had a bunch today... sorry).... I believe that it's entrepreneurs who are going to get the US and world economies back on track. Because of that, and the fact that this program is really a lifestyle business planning program, I'm starting a series on the blog here tomorrow called "Entrepreneurship is Perfect For..." The goal is to help you evaluate whether entrepreneurship and this program might be right for you.

If you have friends or colleagues that you think might be interested in the Program, please tell them about it. You only have until Tuesday morning at midnight EDT to sign up.

Much Success,

UPDATE: Well, supposedly Mercury is NOT retrograde, although you could've fooled me! Need to apologize for not having the launch page live... technical glitches with PayPal :-(  although I suspect the problem is actually me. <shakes head> I'll keep you posted.

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