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Giveaway Winner and a Gift For All of You

by Debi Auger

Winner of the Giveaway

Congratulations to Elizabeth Rintala! You won the free copy of my first eBook "Creating Your Brand ~ Packaging Your Gift to the World" which will be sent to you via email. Enjoy it. And I hope you find it helpful.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

A Gift for ALL of You!

I put up a new page a couple days ago... Don't Just Build a Website ~ Build a BUSINESS! ...and I told you it would transform into a gift for YOU on my birthday! I had a bit of trouble with the TV... yes, there's actually a TV for you to watch... but we're good now. What's it all about?

Addressing Your Frustrations and Helping You Live the Life You've Imagined

Right now, it's about addressing your frustrations... the ones you've voiced to me, your family, your friends and anyone who would listen. I know... you're fed up with Facebook. EdgeRank has been killing you. Timeline made it worse. Now they've gone public and all of a sudden want you to PAY in order for your fans to see your posts! Really?? I think NOT. 

You're pissed. They said Facebook would always be free. They lied. You've spent time there building your following and now, unless they know how to use Interest Lists AND put you on them, your fans don't see you! Facebook wants you to pay for that guarantee and you just know that your fans are going to HATE it if you do that. 

The four letter words have already been flying... people are not happy about the fact that Facebook is now going to allow businesses to pay to SPAM them. Yup, that's what they're saying... spam them. And, some other not so nice stuff. So you don't want to be the one doing this... it could jeopardize their trust and the opinion your fans have of you. But that's where you sell your stuff! So, now what are you supposed to do?!?

And you're fed up with Etsy... the fact that they're allowing resellers, the endless fees, the over-flooded market, the lack of traffic, the dwindling sales and the indifferent responses from customer service... IF you get a response.

I get it. I understand. You're at a loss and you feel stuck.

Well, you're not. Stuck, that is. You just need a new strategy... one that works for you. And the most important thing you need to do is OWN YOUR TRAFFIC! You saw that coming, didn't you?

No matter which route you take from this day forward with your business, you absolutely MUST choose a path that lets you own your traffic. 

All the other 3rd party sites... Facebook, Etsy, ArtFire, eBay, etc ...have their place in your system, but they are only TOOLS in your toolbox. They cannot be the home of your business or the controlling factor. YOU need to be in control.

The long term goal here is you being able to live the life you've imagined. Well, now that Facebook and Etsy have turned your world upside-down, why don't we see about getting you back on track and more successful than ever before... more than you ever thought possible.

Gaining Control of Your Business

In order to be in control of your business, you need to own your traffic. In order to own your traffic, you need a solid platform on which to build your business.

There are many, many, many solutions for running your business. Since everyone's up in arms right now, rushing into bad decisions is common. Please don't.

I want to share one possibility with you. However, I want you to slow down, breathe and relax. I want you to take the time to make informed choices.

I'm going to walk you through an evaluation of the platform I use for 3 of my websites to see if it could be right for you because you need a solid foundation of some kind, so I might as well start with what I know and how I came to my decisions.

I have a lot to share and I want you to slowly and carefully evaluate this information as it relates to your business. So I'm going to cover a little bit at a time. But I'll keep adding to the same page so that it stays all nice and neat in the same place for you to refer back to as you're making decisions and planning the future of your business.

Grab a cuppa coffee, tea or other favorite beverage and you can start your journey on the new page... Don't Just Build a Website ~ Build a BUSINESS!

Enjoy! And remember... you can do this :)

Much success,

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