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How To Set Up Interest Lists and Take Control of Your Facebook Newsfeed

by Debi Auger

Here's the tutorial I promised you yesterday. I'm going to show you how to set up Interest Lists on Facebook. Interest Lists allow you to group your Friends and Pages you've liked into lists, name the lists and select them on the newsfeed page when you want to see them.

Are you ready to take control of your newsfeed back? Great... let's do it!

You set up Interest Lists from your Home/Newsfeed page. Look in the left column. If you don't see an Interests category, click on 'More' until you do. To set up a list, click on 'Add Interests...'

This screen will come up and you will click on '+ Create List':

A box will come up with the Pages you've liked in alphabetical order. Just click on the ones you want to add  and you'll see a blue box and check mark. Click again to remove a selection if you change your mind. In this example I'm making a list of TV Shows I like to keep up with and interact with.
You can switch to Subscriptions and/or Friends if you also want to add any of those to the list you're making. You CAN have a combination of the 3 in a single list. Once you're done, click 'Next.' Don't worry if you think you forgot something. You can edit lists after they're created. 

Now you'll enter a name for your list and select who you want to be able to see and subscribe to it. You can make your lists public, viewable to friends or only to you.  I named my list "TV Shows" and selected 'Only Me.'  It shows the avatars of the people and/or pages you've added as well as a count. Now click 'Done.'

The list will now show up under Interests and you can select it to view only posts from the people and pages on that list in your newsfeed:

You can always edit your lists, add items, remove items or delete the list entirely. You do that by clicking on the 'Manage List' drop-down menu on the upper right of your newsfeed page when the list you want to manage is in use and selecting the option for what you'd like to do.

If you select 'Edit List' you will have the option to delete items, add items by typing the item you want into the text box or adding items from the list of suggestions you're shown.


By making Interest Lists you can choose exactly what you want to see in your newsfeed at any given time just by selecting that list. Not only does this make Facebook a more pleasurable experience than it has been since they implemented EdgeRank, but it also allows you to be more efficient and to keep personal and business feeds separate.

Some ideas for Interest Lists:
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Best Friends & VIPs (great for very important peeps and pages you want to see all the time)
  • Business People and Mentors
  • Events
  • Causes & Charities
  • TV Shows
  • Sports Teams

The possibilities are endless and you can customize them any way you want. As far as I know there is no limit to the number of items you can have per list or the number of lists you can make. So enjoy taking back control of your newsfeed!

In case you didn't see the original post, it was called Facebook Business Page Traffic Woes and How To Overcome Them. In it I explain what's been going on with Facebook that's causing these problems and some ways to help. Interest Lists is one of those ways.

If we can spread the word; educate our friends, family and audiences about using Interest Lists, the hope is that fan page interaction will be back on the rise. So please share that post and this tutorial post with everyone you know who uses Facebook. Share it with as many friends, family members and fans as you can. Thank you!

Much success,

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  1. Debi, I wasn't even aware I could do this! Thank you so much. This will make my Facebook time so much easier.

    1. You're very welcome! Glad you found it helpful and appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback :) I've been using Interest Lists and definitely find that they're helping me see what I want to see and saving me a great deal of time.


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