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Business is NOT a 4-Letter Word

You're probably wondering just where the hell I've been. The last post I published was called The Danger in Being Passionate About Your Work and it was about burnout. I had a severe case of it and, when I wrote that, thought I was headed for recovery. I was wrong. Turned out to be one hell of a year.

So I needed to take some time; to really look at that; evaluate the situation; and be real about why it happened. That involved a lot of hard truths. I had to have some really painful heart-to-hearts with myself. 

I had to sit my ass down and, like it or not, admit that working with artisans, just was not working out. As a matter of fact, it was frustrating me to bits, completely draining my energy, and was the main contributing factor to the burnout.

A whole lot of soul searching and difficult decisions were made. I want to share them with you because they affect you. You've probably already noticed some of them. 

For starters, I had to accept defeat and let go of the artisan organization and plans for a 100% handmade marketplace that I mentioned in the Burnout post. Unfortunately, the overall plan didn't gain traction and was turning into a lot of wasted time and money on my part. I knew the plan was sound, so I needed to let go of the project. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. 

I still love artisans and their work. I still love coaching artisans... and work beautifully with some of you. Some of you are the perfect clients for me to work with. And I've enjoyed seeing your progress.

But, unfortunately, that's not typically the case. I usually end up feeling like I'm banging my head up against the wall. It makes me CRAZY when I spend valuable time working with a client and getting results (it does take a bit of time!), just to have them turn around and go right back to doing exactly what we agreed WASN'T working before! Not only does that negate any progress we made, but it wastes a whole lot of time and effort. 

Similarly, there's been a scramble since Facebook essentially killed organic reach (was announced last fall). However, I've been talking about this... and solutions for it... for FOUR years! But most didn't want to listen... or take proper action. Now businesses are being lost. It's frustrating to watch.

But too many are content to whine and set up Facebook groups that end up being nothing more than a perpetual pity party. Fine if that's what you want to do. But it's not going to change anything. You're complaining to the wrong people... to people who can't do a damn thing to change it. YOU are the only one who can change things for yourself.

Life isn't always fair unfortunately. But it IS about choices. You can either choose to stay where you are, or to change. Accept responsibility for where you're at. Forgive yourself for it. Stop complaining. Stop hanging out with complainers. And create the life you really want to have! It CAN be done. And I want to work with those who are ready to do it.

So I've created the niche I want to work in... creativepreneurs

You'll see soon that I have a pretty broad definition of what a creativepreneur is, and it includes many industries. 

The important thing to note is that my focus is on the -preneur part. I want to work with creatives who have, or want to have, a business and are willing to learn and do the work required to succeed. 

I want to focus my energy on those of you who are serious about your business; the implementers and action-takers; the real go-getters among you; those of you who are ready to kick ass, take names and change the world. So now I'm also much more selective about who I'll accept for one-on-one coaching.

I'm looking for creatives who are willing to get down and dirty and do the work, because I want to see you have major breakthroughs, reach your goals and be wildly successful.

Success means different things to everyone. I want to get to know you, my true Creativepreneur peeps, and learn what success means to YOU. So I can help you achieve it.

And you CAN.

Because you know business is not a 4-letter word.

You know that you need to get your ass out of your workshop and do business-generating activities if you want to have a successful business... and you're brave enough to put yourself out there!

You also know that sales and marketing don't have to make you feel icky. (And if you don't, let's talk about that.)

Honestly, I enjoy business stuff. I truly am The Online Business Passionista. I LOVE online business and the possibilities it holds for anyone willing to embrace it.

I don't require that you love it. But if you're not willing to learn business, you WILL NOT find the success you seek. Because even though you don't have to like business, you do have to do business.

Over to you. All of this is for you. So talk to me. I'm listening. What do you need? What does success look like to you? Tell me in the comments below.

Much Success,

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