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Postponing the New Year and Getting Ready to ROCK 2013

by Debi Auger

Well, that's it... I'm officially postponing the New Year.

I've been knocked out with a bout of bronchitis since the holidays (which is why you haven't seen much of me or from me). So I've decided to celebrate the New Year on January 13th instead. Hope you don't mind ;)

I'm hoping that by then I'll be back in shape and ready to kick some butt in 2013! But, just in case, I've taken out an insurance policy...

You know how much I hate when my productivity is down so it's been quite a frustrating couple of weeks. But there have been some flashes of absolute brilliance and clarity, too and THAT is awesome for you. You'll see. I just need to make sure all these things I've been working on for you get out of my head, my notebooks, my Planner Pad, my Evernote and out there where you can grab them and reap the benefits. And the Project Program is my way of making sure that gets done.

You see I know that's an insurance policy because I've done The Project Program. I did it last fall so I know how powerful a tool it is. That's why I'm using it to make sure I get this stuff done for you. And for me. I like it... ok LOVE it... when things get done :)

How about you? Tired of not getting enough done? Got projects that have been on the shelf for years? Well, I know a couple people who can help you...

LOL Don't let the silliness fool you... that's just to show how awesome and down-to-earth they are (Sorry Nat and Matt). Under those smiles and giggles are two amazing coaches... Natalie Sisson and Matthew Kimberley. And they want to help you finally complete that project you’ve been putting on hold for way too long.
Natalie Sisson is the Suitcase Entrepreneur. She runs a full-time business on a part-time schedule, living out of hotels, suitcases and coffee-shops. Natalie is one of the most prolific online business people you’ve ever met, running countless programs and initiatives whilst living on the road. She excels in streamlining your daily efforts using online tools and social media to maximize your time and money.

Matthew Kimberley is the Head of the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training, the Big Deal at Daily Success Deals and corporate sales trainer and small business marketing consultant. He’s also the author of How To Get A Grip – a guide to getting more done in less time with less stress, that keeps climbing the best-seller charts in the UK a year since its release.

The Project Program is a beautifully simple concept designed to get your project done and shipped and leave you feeling pleased as punch at how productive you’ve been. 

It starts on January 14th 2013. You can read all about it and get on board here.

Or, even better, attend the free webinar they're hosting on Monday and they will show you how to have the most productive four weeks of your life.

You can register for free here: 

Matthew and Natalie will show you:
  • How to plan your day for maximum productivity in ten steps
  • How to create a project plan for making your dreams a reality in 2013
  • The five most important secrets of highly productive people.

In just four weeks you can have it done and dusted thanks to the kick ass coaching and accountability of Natalie, Matthew and the rest of the Project Program group (including me). Guaranteed to get you on track and focused on completing whatever project you have in mind so you can start the New Year off right. They will help you achieve more in four weeks than most people get done in 6 months! 

And it doesn't matter what your project is... whether it's a business project or a personal project... an ebook, a website or re-designing your living room... it doesn't matter. Pick something important to you that you've been putting off, show up, do the work and you can get it DONE.

Last fall I committed to using the Project Program for a HUGE project... a project scheduled to take more like 8 - 10 weeks. But it was my main priority at the time so I dove in head first to TPP and guess what... Natalie & Matthew and the other participants created such an awesome, focused, helpful work environment I almost finished the entire project within the 4 weeks!! Powerful stuff.

So, if you didn't get off to a stellar start this year either, join me in my 2013 New Year's do-over and start your New Year next week too. Remember...

And to give you another sampling of what you can learn from Nat and Matt in The Project Program, here's a link to Matthew's latest ebook, "How To Be Really F***ing Productive." You can download it from there, perfectly free, no strings attached, no email necessary. Give it a read and come to the webinar... you'll learn a great deal from the webinar so even if you decide not to join the Project Program, it will still be WELL worth your time.

And no matter what, stay tuned here because I have loads of AMAZING stuff on tap for you in 2013!

Much success,

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