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I Want to Know What YOU Want to Know

by Debi Auger

Some very exciting things are happening here at aWAEHQn dreams headquarters! I'm putting together some really fabulous stuff for you.

And I'd like your help. I would like to know what YOU want to know... what YOU need help with... what keeps YOU up at night in a worried frenzy??

Feel like sharing?

I've made it quick and painless for you. And I have a few ways you can do this so pick your favorite. Here's a super-quick poll:

I purposely posted the poll with the results because I want you to see something very important... you are NOT alone. You're not alone in your struggles. You're not alone in your worries. And you're not alone here either :) 

But I'll tell you what... you ARE in the right place. So I hope you'll come back often, follow along, share with me and the rest of the community (your comments are always welcome), join us on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, tell your friends and take an active roll in making your dreams come true.

If you have other artisan friends, I'd LOVE it if you'd share this poll (http://bit.ly/RRcUJ5) and tell them about aWAEHQn dreams so they can join the community, too.

If you have a few minutes, you can fill out a survey. It's in 2 parts in case you're pressed for time; the first has 3 questions (http://bit.ly/adscsolve1) ; and the second has 6 more, the URL for it is at the end of the first survey. It's a good start to get you thinking about your business and what you want out of it.

And, of course, you can shoot me an email or message me on Facebook, or any other way you choose to get in touch.

Thank you!
And, yes, I'll be sharing the results ;)

Much success,

Share your thoughts...


  1. my answer is D but it wont let me take the Poll Debi


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